Pick up a musical instrument for the very first time and attempt to create music. The first times will be both awkward and awful at the very same time. To create appreciable music, we would need to develop a sound learning practice. A practice centered from a strong desire to purposefully learn your way through to some level of mastery. A disciplined practice of self-control to continue through challenges while progressing toward a purposeful goal.

In our work, we come across many opportunities to do new things for the very first time. Some will pick up and run with those opportunities to better themselves and the productive value of their work. These are the people that make themselves and others much better through their learning practice.

Others will dabble with new opportunities to learn something new, but quickly back away from a driven and purposeful practice to improve. Too much work, too busy, too lacking in a natural talent, too fearful others may judge them too soon and the list of excuses goes on and on.

Think consciously and rationally for what new opportunities you might learn from to accentuate the value you offer in your work. Go beyond simply consuming the value that others produce from their earned attainment of mastery. Yes, you may start awkwardly and yes it will take some time invested in a purpose-drive practice, but we are here to continue learning and not just consuming what others provide.

“Concentrated practice over time cannot fail but produce results. The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” — Robert Greene —

Continue learning and applying what you have learned. This is your future.


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