Vigor di Vita

With each day, we are able to make a choice. The choice to willfully engage in our lives or to simply permit our time to pass away. Are you conscientiously making this choice each day?

Life requires a regularly determined effort to be fully engaged. An effort to be your best, to contribute to a greater good, to fully address challenges and to achieve fully with others. Greater satisfaction and meaning in life come from fully engaged actions. There are times where we choose to relax and replenish, but as a respite from full effort, not as a lifestyle.

Theodore Roosevelt wrote of The Strenuous Life, proclaiming the life worth living is one of effort in splendid triumph. From an Italian translation of this work, the title became Vigor di Vita or The Vigor of Life. Roosevelt later wished he had titled his original work as such.

We have a choice each day. Conscientiously make your choice to more fully engage. Time will pass either way, may as choose to live with vigor.

“It’s hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” — Theodore Roosevelt —


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