Most of the first ideas aren’t necessarily the best. Ideas often grow with creativity and value through the perspective and experiences of others as they take them in for their application. The originator rarely gets the credit, it’s generally the purveyors that apply it well from idea or theory into a practice in some proven form.

Originating ideas are everywhere if we only look for them. Each narrative and reference in this blog may be thought of as a connecting thought or originating idea for you to perceive and experience for yourself. For you to make it better as a seed of thought that you will plant, grow mindfully and harvest.

The credit for the idea of learned and experienced practice is to be yours as you do the necessary work. The expansive library of original and connecting thoughts is wide open for those that seek to discover them. Those are the people that continue learning and progressing. Mostly from the ideas of others.

Amazon and Walmart didn’t invent retail, but they have certainly harvested a great bit from the originating ideas, well connected.

“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than in the one where they sprang up.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes —


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