See Yourself

By learning to honestly evaluate yourself, you will accomplish more. Others are drawn to the more humble qualities of well-directed and rationally contained individuals that proficiently monitor and temper their own emotions and subsequent actions/reactions.

Each of us inherently believes that we act throughout each day with great intentions to be a good person in our interactions with others. If we were to ever act poorly or in spite of another, it must certainly be the fault of the other person for having made us act in this manner.

To be your best, you have to know yourself more deeply. Examine your motives and your attitude. Become aware of your own tendencies. Remain humble. Temper your motives, even as others may act irrationally.

By honestly evaluating yourself, you will also learn to more effectively and more comprehensively evaluate others. With effective evaluation, others will be drawn to your qualities of self-direction as you act for the betterment of the task at hand and the relationship. People respond more favorably to a positive demeanor displayed by those who remain in control of themselves.

“Man will only become better when you make him see what he is like.” — Anton Chekhov —


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