Odds are that none of us woke up this morning hoping we might get the opportunity to fail today so we could learn even more. Without frequent challenges, occasional setbacks and a few outright failures, what is it that would propel us to continue learning?

When we falter or fail with something, we have the opportunity to learn our way through to become more successful. When we eventually accomplish again above the level of the challenge, we become quite satisfied with the work we put in for the progress made. Overcoming is a wonderful thing that brings great happiness.

When we falter or fail with something and merely accept that as our fate, we withdraw from the opportunity to learn, accomplish and grow in our level of satisfaction. There is little happiness achieved by only settling on what fate brings us.

Learning by overcoming adversity helps us to grow and to believe more positively about ourselves and what we are capable of. Your contribution is much greater and this helps us to be more satisfied and happy in our lives. We will rarely wake up hoping to fail each day, but we should know with great confidence that we are able to grow through it.

“Happy is not the belief that we don’t need to change; it’s the realization that we can.” — Shawn Achor —


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