It is more than generally accepted in competitive sports and activities, even for children, that with training, practice and prescriptive coaching the participant will definitively learn to perform better. There is an intensity with an experiential learning process for competitors that promotes a higher level of mastery. The participant is learning through guided application, we learn by doing.

Can the same be said for the training or classroom “instruction” that is most frequently offered to employees or students? Much of the provided education amounts to telling and hoping for progress while being as efficient and cost effective as possible.

In your learning practice, self-initiate to focus more as a professional competitor rather than an amateur respondent. Train, practice and be coachable with what you are learning. Apply and learn from your personal application experiences to reapply again toward a level of mastery. Engage with others in this process to learn from one another. Study the most successful by asking, observing or reading to learn to of their experiences.

“Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living.” — John Dewey —


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