The level of success you eventually attain is due in late part to the related decisions that you make each day to arrive at your intended destination. With great acumen, the acquired ability to make good judgements and quick decisions, we progress farther and faster.

Acumen is earned by application and not simply given to you. To have developed sound acumen, it is as if you are playing chess as a master would play. You are seeing the whole board prior to each movement, planning and anticipating each decision while in consideration of the many moves or decisions you will make next. Without earned acumen, we are merely participating as a single pawn, one move and one moment at a time.

To gain in your level of acumen, you will need to continue learning. Learning through experience comes first with the hard decision to just start. The easy decision is to remain as an unlearned pawn, but this we know can lead to a much harder life.

Invest time to continue learning for yourself. Learn from others with established acumen greater than your own. Purposefully start to use your mind to achieve at greater levels.

“If we don’t use our minds, we can be sure someone else will.” — Craig Lounsbrough —


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