We all probably have goals that have lied dormant for many years. At one point in time, they were devised from a momentary inspiration to do better at one thing or to be a better person. But, we failed to even start. The barriers were imagined to be stronger than the intention of that time.

Pick one of those dormant goals for yourself today and just start. Begin with one small, incremental step without pause. Build momentum from this step and learn your way forward. There are few real barriers to your achievement of this goal if it is determined to be of great importance to you now.

Clear the mind of all inhibitions from the past and start to do the necessary work toward your goal. No fear. No tomorrow. No guarantee of success. No repeated regret required, you’ve started. Just begin the work.

“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.” — Vince Lombardi —


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