The First

Look today at life again as though things were happening around you for the very first time. Not to be observed again as mundane and repetitive. There can be a renewed excitement to be found, a better way to perceive and respond to things. Think openly as if you were walking on the beach. A beach constantly changes, no two walks can be the same if you only would observe to learn more.

Look for the differences and not for what is the same. Override the desire for a simplified pattern that you may fully understand and even pretend to control. Look to explore for a deeper comprehension to discover your better place within it. Do so again and again to continue learning.

A level of mastery comes with continual learning and adapting, not by repeating the same experience in the same fashion over and over again. Life changes with every wave, every condition and every adventurous discovery.

“No one can possibly know what is about to happen: it is happening, each time, for the only time.” — James A. Baldwin —


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