Information is everywhere, especially when we aren’t looking. In the course of a single day, we all will absorb a great deal of opinions, updates, data and a multitude of other references. The world is seemingly pressing for your individual and specific reaction. Why would we feel compelled to respond in any fashion to these offered bits of information?

Within this daily barrage of information, most of which you do not seek, be careful to filter what it is you will take in. Seek your own specific references to inform you. It is your permission to be granted or not.

Influencers want you to be influenced. Marketers want you to be marketed to. Media wants you to be a follower. You are to become the targeted product of their efforts. With you engaged in their information, they produce their desired outcome.

Be patient to filter and to set your own course for taking in information. Have a discerning purpose as for why and how this information might serve you. You needn’t feel compelled to respond or to react, your permission is required. Keep an open mind to let in divergent and evolving references that will help you to continue learning, but hold onto your capacity for allowing your conscious permission.

“It’s ironic that stillness is rare and fleeting in our busy lives, because the world creates an inexhaustible supply of it. It’s just that nobody is looking.” — Ryan Holiday —


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