It’s hard to meet the point of perfect timing. Knowing with precision, the time to engage your effort.

  • To call a play in sports that works perfectly in that moment against a defense.
  • To market a product in the right method, to the right people at the time that they will most want or need it.
  • To implement a change strategy within an organization that produces great value with immediate impact.
  • To purchase a stock just before it is about to rise dramatically.

When perfect timing works, it appears effortless. When timing fails, it appears to be foolish. There is much to learn in the pursuit of determining the timing of an effort.

Study your craft well and you will more likely discover those prime opportunities for a well timed effort. Fate, faith and luck likely play a role as well, but there is no substitute for patience and a learned approach to greatly improve your odds.

Learn deeply to know your field and your audience to understand their motivation and then call the right play at the right time. Be in the game always to continue learning the mastery of timing.

“Good timing is invincible. Bad timing sticks out a mile.” — Tony Corinda —


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