I often attempt to make the point that information taken in quite useless until applied. I won’t become a better cook by only reading a cookbook, I need the experience to gain any level of success and know it to be acquired. I can read a manual on golfing, but until I do the work of practice to apply it myself in the right context, I wouldn’t get any better at the game.

From the daily references we observe and take in during our lives, we ultimately set a course for how we will behave in our next experiences. We can either set a purposeful course with an intention to continue learning and applying what we learn or we can meander through the days. Seems a simple choice, but we easily falter from time to time.

Direct your course in life to achieve, relying on your greatest talents. Be disciplined to engage to learn and apply more and you will contribute more with no regrets. Relate closest with those that help you to become better and wiser, not those that draw you back. We have the option each day to invest in ourselves or to simply take another withdrawal of the day. Tomorrow isn’t the day to engage, tomorrow never comes.

“As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.” — Ben Hogan —


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