William Plomer wrote for us, “creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.” There is always a different and better approach if we remain curious to discover.

Hidden within the comfort and simplicity of applying repetitive and habitual logic across ever-changing scenarios in our lives, we cease to continue learning. We stall. With a personal investment to remain curious and to continue learning, we will remain to be adaptable with new connective thoughts. In creation of these new connections, we focus to grow and improve. Use it or lose it.

With one written context of a connectable thought and then another, my goal in writing this blog is to continue learning with others. I focus to write a connectable thought each day to explore for myself and for those that read along once or daily. A value may be derived when the reader thinks creatively and then acts to apply that thought for themselves in their specific context and place in life. My learning continues through this creative writing experience, your learning might continue from your reading experience.

At the milestone of #800 posts, the Applied Learning blog has been viewed 6,322 times by 2,836 visitors on the WordPress web site alone. These visitors have come from 67 different countries now. It’s quite amazing how small the world has become through this sort of technology. Everyone can find the opportunity to continue learning and connecting novel thoughts with theirs in a multitude of forms if they choose to do so.

I will continue writing to extend my own curious focus for learning and to share my connectable thoughts and experiences with each of you along the way. Ideally, a thought or two over time will work for you to benefit and learn again from. Thanks to those of you learners that are regular e-mail followers, those that seek an opportunity to learn on this WordPress site and for those that are readers from Linked In. Connecting the seemingly unconnected.


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