The capacity to accurately anticipate what lies ahead is a great asset. From learned experiences, we become more competent with putting ourselves in the most favorable and strategic positions more consistently. Hypothesis are formed and consequences of future actions are evaluated beforehand and your best course is set. Expectations are managed in this process.

Anticipation is difficult to acquire. It requires highly conscious forethought to assert yourself as more of a creator of the future rather than a mere responder in the moment.

Applied learning experiences from the past are projected into a future tense. Anxieties are tempered, knowing additional wisdom will always be acquired. Outcomes are sought after with confidence. Anticipation remains to be calculating and patient. When moved off course, additional learning ensues and the course of action is adapted as you proceed in admiration of the challenges.

Continue learning to anticipate for more productive and predictable outcomes. Work your best hypothesis in the reality of the moment to learn again. Think to play chess, considering several moves ahead of your competition, rather than merely be a pawn.

“The future belongs to those that anticipate it.” — Baptise Tricoire —


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