A Created Moment

Some moments in our lives come to define who we will become. In a single moment, there comes an insight or an inspiration that propels us to change for the better. We can either wait for mystical moments or create them as continual learners.

Instead of lying in hesitation to address a problem, acknowledge the problem and draw a line. Generate your own damn moment.

If your problem is not having the time to exercise, don’t focus on why you can’t, focus on how you will. Break the habits that hold you back. Steal 15 minutes from your day to go for a walk and you will have learned something to build from. You won’t have lost ten pounds and toned up quite yet from the first walk, but you’ve started to create a series of moments.

Take a risk to continue learning. By starting with a long walk on a vacation with family, I’ve now exercised for an average over 60 minutes per day for 685 days in a row. Move yourself past the first moment to the next for a much richer future.

“The promise of a stretch is not success, it’s learning. Place ourselves in new situations that expose us to the risk of failure.” —. Chip Heath. —


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