If you want to walk above others as a leader, just tell them what to do. Only rationalize with them that they should just do what they are told. If it goes well, take all the credit.

If you are in a position of leadership, lead as though you will pay the price for being wrong. If a leader doesn’t experience their decisions, leaving that to the others, the leader will fail to learn and to evolve. Those having to experience the decisions for themselves, positive or negative, are the continual learners.

In essence, their needs to be some form of agreement in the direction set. It may be formal or informal, but it must be genuine. If the learners from direct consequences aren’t heard from by leaders, each will set their own course and determine individually their future contributions. Meaningful and sustainable progress and ultimately success require an alignment for all with decision making and a shared experience of the outcome.

Experience your decisions.

“An agreement cannot be the result of an imposition.” —


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