We can worry about many things, all at the same time. Much of the worry is wasteful because we can do nothing about that event or occurrence until it arrives for us to act upon.

There is a precise right time to act where the outcomes will be the greatest for you and others. You learn to be more precise and patient in this determination through your experiences. No point worrying before the opportunities arise. Certainly prepare, but no worries required.

Know the past is behind you and you learned lessons from those experiences. Know the future isn’t to be controlled, we can’t be certain of the conditions until we are at that point to decide.

Enjoy the moments as they arrive and act accordingly. Some of those moments will likely arrive for you today, be prepared to act in the precise moment they do. No worries for tomorrow or regret for yesterday, just be in the moments today as you act, applying what you have learned.

“Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.” — Paulo Coelho —


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