Good Actions

We have all met people that say one thing and then do another or nothing at all after they have clearly stated their decision. We may have thought them to be of sound character by their words, but their actions/inactions do not match. Character is much more than what we say about a matter.

What we hear, see, think, feel and say will come to shape our eventual actions. Only the demonstration of those thoughts will ultimately determine our level of character when applied as our actions. No actions, no character demonstrated, you’re just talking sh*t.

In determining your character, know first all sides of the matter before you discern to speak and act from your chosen position. Know the position you will assuredly take before you act to demonstrate this as your character. Continue learning from your applied actions as the conditions will change over time.

Character is determined by what we do, not what we think or say we may do.

“In the long-run, the best proof of good character is good actions.” — John Stuart Mill —


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