In an ever evolving culture of divisiveness, we each will either come to believe what another offers by strong assertion or what we rationally affirm for ourselves as we continue learning and adapting.

Influencers offering assertions want you to believe what they believe and demonstrate so by following them. An audience of convinced believers gives power to the person with the greatest number of followers. Power and the associated economic success that goes along with it becomes the goal, rather than any empirical evidence.

Be cautious with what you believe to be true on any matter. There may be a middle ground, rather than one divisive side or another. Continually learn amid the experienced reality surrounding your situation before you would unwittingly take in the assertions of another that may be seeking the power of influence. People can become the commercial product of an influencer rather than setting their own logical path.

In the end, the goal should remain to do the right things and not to assert that you side one way or another with the strongest influencers. Think twice about each matter before you determine what you believe. Learn the evidence for yourself and apply that logic in your actions to set your course.

“When power replaces truth as the goal, assertion replaces reason as the path.” — Marshall Fritz —


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