Confidence grows as we make progress towards a significant goal. Achieving along the way builds upon our level confidence. You needn’t wait to the very end point of realized achievement to establish confidence. You build upon your level of confidence as you progress.

To achieve a significant goal of any sort, you must trust in yourself to achieve in incremental steps. Steps of learning and applying what you have learned to reach toward the ultimate goal.

Too many of us lack even this base level confidence to start toward the achievement of a goal. Fear sets in and the process of learning toward the goal never even begins. We worry to the point of walking away from the many possibilities of our lives to greatly extend our potential. You only need a little confidence to learn your way upward.

Have the confidence to continue learning by doing it rather than only thinking about it.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it could happen and others make it happen.” — Michael Jordan —


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