As we first approach a problematic situation, we often take a perspective that we are most familiar and comfortable with. What if, we would instead seek a new perspective by relearning before we would move through the problem?

To learn again, we will likely have to unlearn our common approach. Always having done it the same way couldn’t possibly lead to our learning to be better and to do better over time. There are always different perspectives to be considered and understood when solving problems, if your mind is open to them.

Pause at some point each day to prescriptively relearn your way to a better outcome. Be aware of your own dominant feelings that lead to your routine actions. The more complexity the problem presents us with, the more important it is to continue learning.

You have the option to continue learning and applying what you have learned. To reopen the mind to seek a perspective rather than take the routine one. Others relating with you will benefit from your evolving approach to relearn along with you.

“It takes a multitude of views to help people realize that they too contain multitudes.” — Walt Whitman —


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