You just can’t know the outcome of your actions because you’ve never done it before. You may have to take a risk to try something new for the very first time. By what standards do you assess to take a risk?

It’s easy to avoid risks altogether and become quite ordinary. Harder to seek new opportunities and experiences where you would be doing something for the very first time. Life is more complete and fulfilling as we try new things. We learn from the novel decisions and actions that we take for the first time.

No need to take a physical risk to your possible demise, there are plenty of new opportunities to think and act differently each day. To learn to overcome a fear or two that you hold onto only because you haven’t done it before.

Today, look to observe something in your routine life as though you’ve never seen it before to refresh your perspective. Try a new technology that you don’t currently want to understand. Cross a quiet street walking backwards just to mix it up a bit. Try a new exercise or workout routine. Do something today for the very first time.

The point is merely to discover a new experience each day that is only a risk because you haven’t done it before. Continue learning and applying what you learn.

“I am always doing what I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” — Pablo Picasso —


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