Perpetual Optimism

If we could all become perpetual optimist’s, we would together contribute to a much better world. We all probably know at least one such person. You know, that person who remains positive in the face of all adversities when most others become overwhelmed. They look within and beyond the challenge to open-mindedly determine their best and most feasible opportunity to improve their position.

A friend I have played golf with many times over the years is that perpetual optimist. Not only within the game of golf of course, but in his approach to life itself. The golf stories just paint the picture quite well. This friend will stand over a very difficult 30 foot putt and state “this one is going in.” He will hit a shot into the tree’s and within a few seconds state, “I’ve got a good shot out of here.”

He fully realizes the problems that lie before him, but he doesn’t dwell on them. He doesn’t entertain doubts or let in a sense of fear that would deter him from overcoming any adversity. He is not naive, he is a realist. He is not arrogant, he is just determined. He is simply an eternal optimist and he is a better golfer and a better contributor in life because of it.

We should all be more like the perpetual optimist, “this one is going in.”

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt —


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