Data can be tricky. There are often times when we will collect data to make a sound decision. Some will look for such data to merely substantiate their uninformed intentions and biases. True learners will look to discern from the data what might be the basis for their next actions as they continue learning. Two vastly different approaches and only one brings any real value.

There are also times where we might only attempt to manage the data rather than fully interpret it. If we identify and manage a data point to induce improvement, we are missing the point. When one factor or measure becomes the focal point to be manipulated, that measure is no longer a good measure. The real causation of the original measure deficit is largely overlooked for the sake of a temporary increase results. The root cause largely remains to be unresolved.

Approach the use of data cautiously. Look to the data to learn, rather than immediately fix blame on a measure or only use the data as some validation of what you felt beforehand. Learn and apply what you learn related to the real causation of an area for continuous improvement. Data may then be a form of sound evidence.

“We are here to learn, to make a difference and to have fun.” — W. Edwards Deming —


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