It seems no one wants to wait to find the best option or even the most plausible solution any longer. We’d rather presuppose a quick response and blindly move forward than wait to discover the answer for ourselves over time.

We often have the time to learn, but choose not to. We don’t want others to learn either, we’d rather they just decide to rush along with us. Easier to Google a term and guess from there multiple times, than to exert a full and patient learning effort. An effort where a definitive solution lies well ahead of where you currently are.

So we rush in as fools who continue on without knowing a direction with any certainty. The wise will still wait to be able to discern an applicable and learned truth. If you have the time, take it to continue learning. If you truly haven’t the time, follow someone that already took the time to learn for themselves.

“Time will explain.” — Jane Austen —


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