Lucky or Good?

An honest perspective of events shapes what we come to eventually learn. We may assign the credit to good luck or to good preparation. From good preparation and active pursuit, we learn to attain more. From good luck, we hope it may happen again one day. Best to know which occurred and to what degree. One measure is to try to repeat it again and again.

When gambling on a slot machine, there is really nothing to learn. Prepare and hope all that you would like, but largely a random assignment determines your fate. Some believe they manipulate the odds by choosing the right machine or tapping the spin button in a certain way, but preparation and learning aren’t real factors.

When playing a lifestyle activity like tennis or golf, there is more to prepare for and learn if you want to improve your outcomes. We are more likely to make a good shot with preparation, good instruction, great practice and continually applying what we are learning.

When actively participating in life, it is better for us to prepare and to learn rather than only hope for a lucky random assignment of our fate. Know the difference and work to learn forward from there. Nothing wrong with a little good luck, but learn from cause and effect to earn it more often.

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.” — Samuel Goldwyn —


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