The Right Thing

In retrospect, we always have the time to do something well. But, we often press too quickly to do a thing to get it done so that we can move onto the next rushed task and then the next.

At a fast moving pace, the world can seemingly drives us to lose sight of the intended and relied upon result of the work we do. Never would a true craftsman lose sight of the value of their contribution to the work.

Working fast and appearing busy generates a passive appreciation from others. With no regard or intentional accountability for the end result, busy = important.

Insightful and industrious actions, with a determined integrity to deliver the desired end results = important. Doing the right thing in due time to produce the right result wins out every time.

A craftsman is busy too, they just attain the highest potential result each and every time.

“It takes less time to do the right thing, than it does to explain why you did it wrong.” — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow —


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