People approach their daily lives with quite different levels of seriousness. For some, each moment is lived in fear as if each thought were a matter of life or death. For others, very little seems important to them at all. In the balance of your approach, hold open the mindset to find a level of playfulness about all matters.

We come to realize that we are at our best when we approach life with a sense of playfulness. An adult is entitled to be playful, it’s not just a mindset for children. We naturally succeed more when we are engaged to have fun in what we are doing. We enjoy and retain more of the experience. We also learn that we will be sought after to lead, or by inclination choose to follow those people that sustain a level of playfulness in their very wise approach to life.

Don’t be so serious. In balance, remain to be playful in your approach. As a friend reminded me, you may only get one chance for each experience.

“Organize your reality according to your strength; organize your reality according to your playfulness; according to your dreams; according to your joy; according to your hopes – and then you can help those who organize by their reality according to their fears.” — Seth Godin —


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