When we reach a sense that we have successfully met our goal and reached further toward the ideal, we are then fully satisfied. We know we did the best that we could with great character and determination. We rightfully then pause to enjoy for a time that accomplishment, having extended ourselves to do so.

Experiences of satisfaction come from within ourselves. We set the bar as to what levels we will extend ourselves.

Set realistic targets, but stretch to learn more, to have lived more and to have helped others more and your level of satisfaction will be greater. To remain satisfied with only what you have learned, lived and contributed breeds a complacency with being below our full potential.

We don’t need to conquer it all in our lives, but we are more completely, more frequently and more memorably satisfied when having accomplished something for a greater good. Live it up.

“To be able to look back upon ones life in satisfaction, is to live twice. — Khalil Gibran —


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