Dead Yet?

With no purposeful intention or aim to continue learning each day, we rarely do. It’s quite easy to make it through a day with only what you already know. You simply flow through the routines presented, add no intellectual thought or observation and play it safe with what you offer of value to others.

To learn requires an open mind to discover new possibilities as we curiously act upon them to find a better way to contribute. We will use the knowledge that we have acquired to that point, but add again to it as we go discover the new going forward.

Continual learning takes time and concentration, but the pay-off is boundless and costs you nothing but a little insecurity as you operate outside of the routine passing of a day.

Only you can set your level of readiness to continue learning and applying for the better what you have learned. Without clear intention for learning, we will not. We can always have something new to learn and apply each day.

“Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five.” — Benjamin Franklin —


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