Let Thanksgiving Day be the start of something greater for you. Greater, in that you feature this day to express gratitude in a long run of consecutive days going forward. We needn’t wait for a planned holiday tradition to acknowledge the many blessings in our lives. Give plentiful thanks each and every day.

Large or small in context, many contribute to the success that we realize on any given day. In cultivating a habit to express your thanks for these contributions, we promote the success and happiness of others, and in turn, ourselves as well.

Remain modest in what you feel you deserve. Appreciate whatever comes to you. Be present in the here and now with a mindset to continuously give thanks. Engage in relationships to do good ourselves with others.

Form a continuous learning habit of giving thanks each and every day. Your life will be better from it and your contributions much greater. Even the smallest of these moments of appreciation will add up very quickly.

“It isn’t happiness that makes us grateful, but rather, gratefulness that makes us happy.” — David Stiendi-Rast —


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