I Will Become…

When life happens as it will and people behave as they are, learn to appreciate what you might actually gain from it.

If we become saddened or angry with our fate, there will be nothing gained from it.

If we allow people to offend us with their words or actions, there will be nothing gained from it.

Instead, embrace your fate and gather insight from the words and actions of others. They are both uncontrollably present in our lives. Better to be mindful to gain from these rather than allow yourself to be diminished by them.

Remain open to learning and growing from each experience that we have, good or bad. Blame no one or no thing. Accuse no one or no thing. Don’t aim to control those things that are uncontrollable.

We will discover our best and most stable selves with an open and rational mind to continue learning. Reason to accept fate and to not be deterred from learning by the words nor actions of others. Focus on what you will become by learning through adversity, not what will be made to become of you.

“Difficulties are things that show a person what they are.” — Epictetus —


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