With most things, there is a definitive learning curve. The first few times that you do something will take a little longer and not be quite as good as you had originally planned. Any level of mastery with a task will take a little time for us to discover the better way.

A key for us to scaling any learning curve is to remain determined to improve. If we stop or back away from a presenting challenge, we will go no further than mediocre at best. If we lose our direction, we will need to find our way back. There are rules, but there are always exceptions to the rules that will need to be learned and applied. When we make progress, we remain centered in learning the next several steps up and around the learning curve.

To attain any level of eventual mastery, we must first learn to master ourselves in a concerted effort to continue learning for a lifetime. All of this requires time, confidence and patience with an intense focus. The road to mastery is long, another advantage of a determined lifetime investment to learn and apply what we learn wisely along the way.

“The young man knows the rules but the old man knows the exceptions.” — Oliver Wendall Holmes —


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