Defining Moments

Aware or not, there are defining moments that have taken us to where we are at today. Some will seek out these moments with a passion to instill their purpose in life. Others will remain passive, fearful and unprepared to set off on a better and often more challenging course.

It is our choice to either hide from or to seek greatness and significance at the point of a defining moment. Only you can keep track of these moments, others rarely even realize they have occurred for you. Fear will leave you well short of your potential. Confidence will bring new probabilities. Better to have take taken in these moments with satisfaction so that you might progress and evolve.

With each moment that we seek to take in, we will learn even more about ourselves. You can’t go back to a defining moment where you failed to interact. Your inaction was the choice that you made. Determine your life when given the opportunity of these moments rather than simply pass through precious time.

“I want to find that defining moment that you’re satisfied and you’ve done what you want in your life.” — Tyson Gay —


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