Peaceful New Year

For the upcoming year there will be wonderful things to engage in and to enjoy. Ever-determinate goals are being set, plans are being made and hopes are high that the entire year will be incredibly successful. However, if next year were to be like every other I’ve experienced, there will also be challenges put before us. Those that we will either navigate as best that we can or that will cause us to stall out and even forego our goals.

To experience a happier new year, it is probably wiser to focus on having more of a peaceful new year, rather than hope for an entirely happy new year. Not for the sake of doom and gloom, but for the real anticipation that we will calmly face and move through adversities more peacefully to continue learning.

To have a Happy New Year, remain peaceful.

“To bear misfortunes with a tranquil mind robs hardship of its strength and weight.” — Seneca —


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