I Deserve…

Happy New Year. I wish you continued success in the determined application of what you are continuing to learn in 2022.

As we set off into a new year, we should first remember that we aren’t owed anything simply because we hope to have accomplished it. Very little is inevitable, we generally must earn it.

Life is rarely like a game with two opponents in a timed and scheduled contest where there is one winner and one loser at the end. This is the simplified world of sport and not the world of life.

If we work diligently, passionately and intelligently to attain our goals, the desired outcomes are more probable. In life, you set the schedule to attain your goals and you determine the untimed effort that you will put forth. The scoreboard is in your mind as you would accept it to be. There are no fans in the stadium, it is just you and your goals within your real circumstances.

In life, we largely compete within ourselves to reach our goals by working toward a self-determined outcome. We set goals amid our circumstances to work and to learn our way forward to achieve them. By working and learning our way through life, we can earn our way to deserve more.

“We cannot insure success, but we can deserve it.” — John Adams —


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