Show Up

What you learn and apply for yourself may become a feedback loop for a lifetime. Take any lesson learned and it’s utility going forward can be invaluable. With this feedback loop of learning in mind, it becomes a part of your analysis, decision-making and eventually into the positive actions you will take as a standard of your character.

Lesson Learned: Show Up. A feedback loop was established for me early on from the example and words of my father. If you are scheduled and relied upon, you show up. My father worked for the same company for over 43 years, missing only three days of work in that entire span of time. Quite the learning example to follow as an eternal feedback loop for myself, but simply put, I’ve shown up for life.

Each of us has feedback loops such as this that were taken from lessons that rigorously shape our lives in daily application. To retain those feedback loops that add value and to consistently focus to discover new ones is an essence of applied learning. Invest time to set the patterns of your life to the positive examples for what you are still learning. Every day is an opportunity to live better with wisdom defined and applied.

“Begin at once to live, and count each day as a separate life.” — Seneca —

MITM #916

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