Internal Mindset

I’ve learned over time and continue learning each day that to become disciplined with something, you really have to focus each day on your capacity to control your mindset amid internally perceived emotions, hostilities and adversities. There are internal challenges that enter our mind every day that might take us away from the discipline to continue on at the full level we are capable of.

Precisely determining why (it’s purpose) and how (it’s plan) you will proceed to act toward your goal is a great advantage. These two determinations add greater capacity for us to move with discipline through the myriad of internal mindset challenges. In fact, you can come to utilize the internal mindset game to motivate you even further once you gain control.

As an applied learner myself, I took in this theoretical capacity building knowledge for myself and set a goal to exercise each day. It began when a brother-in-law of similar age shared a book with me over two years ago that suggested we each have the capacity in our forties, fifties and sixties to actually grow younger and more fit each year through exercise and proper nutrition. Great book knowledge, now apply what for myself?

So I began a learning quest to work out each and every day for the purpose of remaining physically fit as a primary factor of quality and the feasible extension of life with my family. My plan (how) involved the I-Watch to measure and track this goal on a daily basis and learning of a variety of workouts to accomplish this.

Flash forward 741 consecutive days of controlling my internal mindset by remaining focused on purpose and a determined pattern of actions. I have not missed a single day without completing a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise, burning a minimum of 700 active calories and actively standing in 12+ hours of each day (I-Watch standards).

Along the way of these two plus years and counting, there have been hundreds of internal mental pulls to just not worry about exercising that day. But each day we have the capacity to overcome those internal challenges and continue to apply what we are learning. An internal mindset challenge is really nothing if you think first of your identified and determined purpose for doing it.

I may not actually be younger this year than last and I certainly will never become an accomplished athlete at any age from these consecutive efforts, but I do fully believe I will be here longer and with higher quality to enjoy my life with my family. There is a solution to every internal challenge if you have the right purpose and applied learning plan.

“To walk a thorny road, we may cover it’s every inch with leather or we can make sandals.” — The Art of Learning; Josh Waitzkin —


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