There is a solution to every problem, at least I believe that is the case. We may not immediately resolve an issue together, but imminent progress can be made to address the situation for improvement.

Innovation requires that we first possess the curiosity to believe there is a better way. This curiosity helps us to discover and determine what a renewed vision might be, to then pursue. We’d also need to comprehend that we won’t get to the resolution by doing the same things in the same order. We’ll have to think and act differently in structure than what is currently the standard procedure. New and refreshed connecting thoughts and experiences will help us to discover new and refreshed opportunities to resolve.

To innovate requires that we vision, connect and apply what we are learning in a new context to discover better way. To apply a learned concept when and where it had been unapplied before.

Remain to be curious and to challenge the status quo. Seek new experiences to broaden your basis for developing new visions that will overcome any problem. There is a solution to every problem if we continue learning and applying what we have learned.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” — Albert Einstein —


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