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There will always be more to learn about any matter. What we once believed to be absolute and final will likely evolve over time. Why would we think to know more than having a land line to your home for a rotary dial phone? Just think of the advances with technology and the things we continue learning anew from these perpetual evolutions over the past few decades.

Be mindful to continue learning with great character and the collective insights of others to make your best decisions as time passes. There will be more to see and to experience than we may have once thought there was a limit to.

Innovation, inventions and forward thinking prepare individuals and communities with new knowledge to adapt and to move forward. When one thing is learned anew, other unknown facets of learning opportunity will appear.

There is always more to learn if you initiate to discover it. Look to evolve to do the right things rather than hold fast to remain right.

“Everything that we see is a shadow cast of that which we do not see.” — Martin Luther King Jr. —


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