To the wonders of reality. We each have a version of what we believe to be our realities in life. We couldn’t possibly see and interpret everything the same as others, but we are better off to fully experience and to learn for ourselves from what it is we perceived and acted upon. If we find that we are wrong, we at once learn from it and apply what we have learned, or not.

We’ve probably all experienced a time or two where we have heard another say, “My fault, I didn’t realize that would happen.” On most occasions, the non-learner has simply repeated the same actions to deserve the same poor outcome.

Learning is the knack to discover for ourselves a way to learn from the realities we are presented. To remain accountable for our own decisions and actions. To engage or abstain with great character. To not settle always for the path of least resistance. To continue to interpret our realities with others for the shared benefit of improving together.

We can’t possibly see and interpret to experience all realities precisely. Realities will evolve and individual interpretations will vary. Better to act from what you are learning amid realities than to simply repeat yourself for an unacceptable outcome again.

“When you repeat a mistake, it is not a mistake: it is a decision.” — Paulo Coelho —


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