Limitations on what we might accomplish are too often set quite low. After all, it’s easier to cap our capabilities at a low level and pretend to succeed rather than strain ourselves to truly earn and know our full potential. It is past the point of our comfortably assumed limits that we will determine how much further we might go. We learn and grow when we strain to do more while vowing to fear less.

Where will you set your limitations as the finish line for the goals that you set? Set the goal low enough and almost anyone would succeed. Set the bar high enough and you will learn and grow from the experience for a lifetime.

By applied learning example, set a goal today that would be difficult to accomplish. One that you would have to work at or strain to succeed. Determine to work harder and to invest more fully of yourself as you strain a bit toward this goal. Make it above the comfort zone to begin with. Strain more than you normally would and you will assuredly move well beyond your comfort zone in due time.

It is within the strain toward excellence that you will learn your full potential. This is where you will learn a great deal more about yourself from the softer limitations you once imposed. Win the argument with yourself to strain beyond comfort.

“When we argue for our limitations, we get to keep them.” — Evelyn Waugh —


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