We would all like things to go well in our lives, to attain the results we desire. Some live daily to that end, remaining centered on solutions. Others worry about what the future might bring, becoming overwhelmed to become centered on problems.

When centered on solutions we best act in the moments of the present to do our best work and the positive results will tend to follow. When centered on problems, we worry about the things of the future we can’t control. Within this problem focus, we will become overwhelmed with worry and then cease to do the right things to solve and negative results will surely follow.

Worrying has a negative effect on our success. We can worry about our health and what we will be years form now or we can take really good care of ourselves each and every day. If a problem arises, we address it in the present to be solved. To remain solution centered in the present will bring you your best outcomes. To be problem centered will shorten your life. Reality is only today, live it to learn with solutions top of mind.

“Worry is the misuse of imagination.” — Mary Crowley —


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