Hope or Habit?

To become exceptional at anything requires that we first begin with daily decisions to practice. We get better with good practice. To form a successful habit then requires the repetitive act of performing something daily so that we learn from our applied experiences and focus to become better and more consistent with it over time. In this repetitive act, we eventually move from daily decisions being made to a formed habit that will perpetuate continual progress and success from the effort.

Habits are much stronger and more resilient than daily decisions being made. A successful habit is a lifestyle lived each day, there is no decision to be made, it’s simply lived daily. It stands to reason that successful people have successful habits that are lived each day.

By example, we all know that daily exercise is of great value to us. Are you one that still makes a daily decision of whether to exercise or not? Or, have you practiced your belief to the point where you have a successful habit formed to work out each day as an integral part of your lifestyle?

Successful people have successful habits. Habits won’t tolerate excuse making or deferment for other considerations. Successful habits began with a hopeful goal and a series of positive decisions to engage enough in regular practice until a habit of success was formed.

Your choice, hope or habit for what you profess to want to excel in?

“Practice isn’t the the thing you do once you are good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.” — Malcolm Gladwell —


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