Today, Valentine’s Day, is a great day to start the daily act of complimenting others. We rarely have a shortage of negative thoughts of others from their actions, but instead, resolve today to accentuate the positive that we see over the negative. Pause to compliment the positive and you will experience more of it. If you think it would be awkward to purposefully compliment another person on a least three occasions today, you’ve certainly lost your way.

In the hustle of life with high expectations for what we have come to expect for ourselves, we often fail to recognize the many benefits that others provide for us. A few kind words shared are an endorsement for others to continue on. Never take for granted a meaningful act performed that might be of benefit for you as well.

Start today with at least three genuine compliments of another person with what you appreciate about them, you may be surprised with the positive impact this can create. What a positive habit this would be to have developed and refined over time.

“I can live for two months on a great compliment.” — Mark Twain —


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