The Limit

A cup can only hold so much water, but we should attempt to fill it. To the wonders of reality, there is an eventual limit to everything. The point where no additional capacity can be gained and another lesson cannot be learned. A learning key for us is to work toward that point of discovered reality and not to pause in fear or comfort well before before fulfilling ourselves.

Limitations that we pre-set within our own minds are concocted largely to protect ourselves from a discovered reality. We come to realize that extending ourselves beyond these notions may require discomfort in reaching our full potential as we fill the cup. Know that you will learn more and contribute more when we move past anticipated limits into reality. Any level of mastery of a thing is well beyond a comfort zone.

There is a point of reality to stop at when you can go no further, find it more often than not.

“Rightness of limitations is essential for growth of reality. Unlimited possibility and abstract creativity can procure nothing. The limitation and the basis arising from what is already actual, are both of them necessary and interconnected.” — Alfred North Whitehead —


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