Each of us may come to act in the moments with what we feel is best for us within our current conditions. In doing so, we may lose the sense of direction we have set for our desired future state. We may lull ourselves into thinking and acting only with what we come to sense is right in the moment. The overarching strategy is then quickly lost.

Remain fully aware of the thoughts and actions that you make in the present with full regard for where you will be best suited in the end. Pause to control your words and your actions to intentionally plan for and implement within your determined course.

The pull of our emotions and those of others will inevitably challenge you to change your course. A course that may be generally acceptable to others in the moment, but not the one you determined to be best for you in the future.

Set the odds in your favor by remaining to be strategic in present thoughts and actions. Do not disregard others, but rather control the pull of their thoughts and actions against yours to stay your course.

“For the future, the motto is, “No days unalert.” — Robert Greene —


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