To acquire knowledge we read, we observe, we inquire and we connect this information in a formed belief for ourselves. This can be quite organized, much like a scientific experiment. This can also be quote unorganized, more like art.

As a learner, we are able to acquire knowledge in a multitude of ways. The knowledge is then the means from which we navigate through decisions in our lives. Some decisions are more organized than others from the prior knowledge sought and obtained, others may be les organized and even tainted with misinformation.

We learn by doing, not only by knowing. To become increasingly wise in our decisions and actions requires that we personally experience the outcomes of our decisions. A key is to continue learning by experiencing the outcomes of your decisions and organizing again as you seek to continue learning.

Dare to fully experience your decisions. Be wise through organizing and reorganizing applied knowledge so that you may learn to experience better outcomes.

“Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.” — Immanuel Kant —


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