Virtues First

Within a matter of minutes or even seconds, we are able to discover fault in another. With a negative lens, everyone has something that is flawed. It may be their looks or their character or even what they say or don’t say. If you look for the negative, it is there to be discovered.

In a similar context, the same can be said if we look with a positive lens to first discover something unique and spectacular about another. We just don’t look at it this way often enough. Everyone also has something they are exceptional with. If you look for the positive, it is there to be discovered.

Begin with and continue to learn from what is good in people. Check yourself to put a person up rather than down. Your ego needn’t be massaged from your contrived negative impressions so that you can feel as though you are better than another. Aim to relate from the positive rather than rush to find fault.

From your positive example, others will come to do the same with you. We all have sh*t on our boots, focus to clean up yours rather than rush to identify the problems with others.

“Search others for their virtues, and yourself for your vices.” — R. Buckminster Fuller —


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