There is the genuine you and then their is the cast of persona’s that you might assert with others to gain their favor. We couldn’t come to fully know the difference within a person until you would have spent a great deal of time with them in a variety of circumstances. There is the genuine person and then there are those with many persona’s to make their way as they see fit. Few are genuine, their unique selves, for all conditions. Come to know the difference.

A to key learning is to be mindful of the motives of others. Not to distrust all, but rather to come to know them before you would follow them. You will easily come to know the course and motives of a genuine person. On the other hand, you may never know the earnest intentions of a person if you would only follow their uninterpreted persona’s.

It is best to make your way as your natural self and towards your purpose in life, worrying very little about presenting a situational persona that is outside of your nature. Become a learned and genuine person as you evolve with no motives outside of contributing to a greater good while simply being yourself. We shouldn’t attempt to portray a role that might be seen as fit by others for every circumstance and condition we come across.

Amid the wonders of reality, continue learning as a genuine person for yourself, mindful of the benefit of attaining your purpose with others.

“Persona, the mask or image we present to the world. Designed to make a particular impression on others, while concealing our true nature.” — Carl Jung —


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